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1. Who can attend this course?

This course can be attended by the following professionals / Executives:

IT / IS Projects Managers ERP Software Managers
Construction Project Managers

Project Consultants

New Product Development Managers Event Managers (PublicShows/Exhibitions)

Planning Managers / Engineers

Project Engineers / Executives

Overseas Job seekers
(Enhance your job & salary potential)

Entrepreneurs / Owners





2. Is it suitable for me ?

Yes. This course is suitable for people with the following qualifications

or any other graduate can attend and take up Project Management as a career


3. Do I have to have prior experience ?

No. Any body who has a little bit of exposure to computers, a degree and some analytical ability can take up this course and become a FastTrack PM in three months.


4. Do I get a certificate?

Yes. All participants will get a certificate of completion issued by IIPM® which can be useful in your job placements


5. What about the course fee ?

The course fee has been fixed based on the industry demand and considering PM course as a high end course. However, Corporate / Group and special discounts are available. For more details call or contact IIPM® Chennai.


6. How many hours should I study online to earn the 35-hour mandatory PM education certificate?

For Classroom courses attending 4 day instructor-led course enables one to earn 35-hour mandatory PM education certificate.

For online courses, according to the Online Study Tracking System (OSTS), One Hour of Online Study = 1 hour of PM education as approved by PMI®. Therefore, it requires 35-hour of study to earn 35-hour mandatory PM education certificate.


7. How can I know my total hours of study?

Click the Access Details option from the list of links shown on the left-side of your browser window. It will display you in detail the total hours you have spent in online study.


8. Sometimes, my study sessions are not counted towards the total hours of study. What could be the reason?

The OSTS requires that you should properly logout from the study area after completing your study session. Proper logout requires you to click on the Logout option from the list of links shown on the left-side of your browser window. Never close the windows without proper logout, to end the sessions.


9. Sometimes, I am logged out of my study session automatically. What could be the reason?

For security reasons, the Default Session End Time is set at 30 minutes of inactivity. You are supposed to view a new page / refresh the current page, at least once in 30 minutes. Continuous inactivity for 30 minutes will end with an automatic end of session and the TIME SPENT WILL NOT BE COUNTED TOWARDS STUDY HOURS.

10. Could you also send me the 35 hours original Certificate copy to my overseas address?

Yes. We can send the original PMP® certificate to your local address for those who is an Indian origin and who have residence in India and for non residents (foreigners) to their overseas address at free of cost.  


11. If I have completed about 35 hrs of online reading, will I qualify for this certificate?

Yes. You can have your cert immediately after you study for 35 hours. The candidates have to send the FEED BACK form as part of minimum 35 hour mandatory education. However, case study report can be done later.


12. How long is this 35 hour certificate valid?

Minimum One year.


13. What are the next steps in PMP® certification process? How and when can I schedule the exam? Exams are year around (Or) only at specific times?

We will send a link with your cert and you can fill up PMI® online form. Before that, keep your XLS template ready for PM experience distribution. After getting the eligibility letter from PMI®, visit http://www.2test.com for test seat reservation line. You can take the test anywhere and you have go to prometric test centre on the chosen date. Exams are all days except Sat/Sun.


14. Do you think, I should still go ahead and take the tests to earn the 30 PDUs? Are they going to help strengthen my credentials for PMP® Exam/Certification?

To earn our 35 hour cert the PDU test are not mandatory. However, taking at least 5 full mock tests online is strongly recommended before the exam.


15. What other help you guys could provide in preparing me for PMP® exams through this course - profile preparation, exercises, and application preparations?

The following are available:
1. The PM Experience XLS template is already in the site for your use.
2. You can send the screen shots of application form in zip file for one project only for our faculty verification as an MSWORD file attachment.
3. Unlimited study mode and mock test you can do as exercises online to reinforce your learning.
4. Many solved exercises with step by step explanations are given for each Knowledge area.
5. Free membership to IIPM® PMP® cert yahoo study group. This group helps in interaction, tips, doubts with more than 100 participants around the world.
6. Case study report- Available online for strengthening your learning.
7. Salient points for the exam, PMP® exam formulas, and key terms posted on the site for quick reference.

16. What is the meaning of 24X7 access? What is the maximum in accessible time expected in a 24X7 service?

Normally, in any online study with international accessibility for 3 calendar months and considering various uncontrollable factors (like ISP/local server/shared server/local ISP/migration to higher platform, etc.) which are NOT in the hands of service provider (i.e IIPM®), if the inaccessible time is less than 2 continuous days (48-hrs), it is generally acceptable.

Please contact onlinestudy@iipmchennai.com only in case of 48-hrs of continuous non availability of access to online resources which may be due to problems at ISP/local server/shared server/local ISP/migration to higher platform.

However, any continuous inaccessibility period more than 48-hrs will be compensated with equivalent days of extension period in the access time.

17. What kind of support will be provided for the Online Course?

A maximum of 5-10 questions or doubts in the online course can be clarified through telephone or email within the time frame of 5-7 business days. Please note that for telephone support, only incoming calls to the faculty will be entertained.

18. Can we get the 35 hours mandatory certificate by taking up the online PMP® course?

Yes. You can get your 35 hour PM education cert from IIPM® once complete 35 hours of study or combination of some study hours and some test hours totaling to 35 hours. Test hours are given just to emphasize the point for testing. Even after 35 hour cert, you can use your balance access hours for taking tests to reinforce your learning.

19. I want to take your PMP® online course, but I can’t spend 3 hours a day for 10 days – I can spend about an hour. Is this OK if I take a month to complete 35 study hours? Please note, I plan to take the PMP® exam after 3 months.

You can read at your own pace. We just suggest for those who are in a hurry to submit their application quickly to PMI® to get eligibility letter from PMI®, to complete the 35 hours quickly to get our mandatory education cert and then you can read leisurely at your pace for 3 months. If you are not in a hurry to get eligibility letter from PMI®, you can complete 35 hours in a month’s time and use balance 2 months to complete in-depth study, tests, etc. If you plan to take the exam after 3 months, your plan to complete 35 hours in one month from now is perfectly all right.


20. Can I take your online Six Sigma course without completing/taking PMP®? Is there any dependency of these two?

Yes as well as No. If you take Six sigma course before becoming PMP®, you will get only Six sigma Green Belt certificate. No PDUs will be awarded. If you take 6sigma course, you will get both Greenbelt cert and 40 PDUs cert. PMPs have to earn 60 PDUs in 3 years time to retain PMP® status. That is the only difference.


21. Can I request for the 35 hrs online course completion course by reading materials for that hrs..?

No, you need to study through online.


22. The total cost of the PMP® course including taxes, PMP® examination fee , PMI® membership fee and any other fee, if any?

IIPM® PMP® Regular Class Room course fee: 15,000+10.3% service tax. (To be paid to IIPM®)

(Course fee includes: Course materials, 3300 Q&A CD, Lunch/refreshment for 4-days, Faculty Tips&Traps, Free Yahoo Group membership, Exam Application assistance, Library support, Case Study,
PM Experience Distribution Template, 35-hrs PM Education Certificate and many more) For more information please click here.

PMP® Exam fee: US$ 405 for PMI® members 
                     US$ 555 for Non-Members.
Membership fee: US$ 130 / year (appx)

The Membership fee and Exam fee have to be paid directly to PMI®, USA. 

Any other fee (optional): If the candidate requires fro additional preparations, a few PMP® exam books available in the market can purchased directly this might cost anything between US$ 50-150 depending on the number of books and region of purchase. 

23. Who will conduct the PMP® exam and where?

Exams are conducted in the prometric testing centers. Visit to www.2test.com.

24. What’s the difference between PMP® & Construction project management?

PMP® is a global certification provided by PMI®, USA. It is industry generic. Construction project management course is construction industry specific.

25. What are PDUs?

PDU stands for Professional Development Units. After you become a certified PMP®, you need to earn 60 PDUs with in three years. (Ex.Taking PMP® classes, Presenting some papers in PMP® journals, attending seminars etc ).


26. Do you offer Corporate PMP® Course around the world?

Yes, we do conduct. The minimum batch size expected is 15-20 persons for any corporate/onsite training.


27. What’s the total cost of PMP® Online course?

US $ 400 for 3 months access license.


28. How will be the exam conducted?

It’s an CBT, Online exam, conducted in prometric testing centers. The exam is for 4 hours with 200 multiple choice questions, out of which you need to answer 106 questions correctly on a evaluated base of 175 questions. 25 pre-test questions’ answers are not included in the score even if they are right answers.

All trade marks / copyrights of other companies are respected and are properties of those companies.
PMI®, PMP®, CAPM®, PMBOK® Guide, PgMP® are trade marks / copyrights owned by PMI®, USA
For more details contact : marketing@iipmchennai.com
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