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Certified Minitab® Professional (CMP) Hands-on Workshop

More and more jobs are in Analytics, Big data & Cloud *

In view of the constant demand from the Six Sigma fraternity, International Institute of Project Management (IIPM) Chennai is offering Certified Minitab® Professional (CMP) hands on workshop over weekends for public candidates and over 2 week days for Corporate Clients.

What is Minitab

® is the industry-standard and leading statistical software package for statistical/six sigma applications. It is powerful enough to be used as a primary tool for analyzing research data/six sigma data. Minitab® is an integrated tool for managing Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing projects that allows Minitab® 15 data to be combined with project management and governance tools and documents to improve/optimize process performance.

Note: No previous statistics knowledge needed.


Course Description:

This course is designed for both newcomers to Minitab
® and users who desire a classroom setting to learn how to get the most out of Minitab's data and statistical tools. It focuses on the fundamentals of statistics and how Minitab® makes interpreting and analyzing your data an easier process.

This workshop stream will address more statistical analysis, incorporating Minitab
®, and demonstrate how you can improve your higher level data processing in quality improvement projects. It is suited to new users of Minitab® Statistical Software or those who have not attended any of the Minitab® training courses. It is suited to those who are established Minitab® users who would like to further advance their knowledge.

Duration: 2 days (9:00 AM to 6:30 PM)
Date: Click here to see current Training Schedule

Course Content:


1. Introduction to Minitab®

  • What is Minitab®?

  • Becoming familiar with the software

  • Data entry and manipulation

  • Worksheet manipulation

  • Data importing

  • Basic graphical techniques

2. Descriptive Statistics and Graphical Analysis

    * Using Graphs to Analyze Data

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Histogram

  • Dotplot

  • Individual Value Plot

  • Boxplot

  • Time Series Plot

   * Using Statistics to Analyze Data

  • Mean

  • Median

  • Mode

  • Standard Deviation

  • Variance

  • Range

  • Trimmed Mean

3. Statistics Inference

    * Fundamentals of Statistical Inference

  • Random Sampling

    * Normal Distribution

4. Hypothesis testing & Confidence Interval

  • 1-Sample t-Test

  • 2-Sample t-Test

  • 2 Variances Test

  • Paired t-Test

  • 1 Proportion Test

  • 2 Proportions Test

  • Chi-Square Test

5. Control Charts:

    * Control Charts for Variables Data in Subgroups

  • R Charts

  • S Charts

  • Xbar-R Charts

     * Control Charts for Individual Observations

  • Moving Range Charts

  • Individuals Charts

  • I-MR Chart

     * Control Charts for Attributes Data

  • NP and P Charts

  • C and U Charts

6. Process Capability

    * Process Capability for Normal Data

  • Testing for Normality

    * Potential Capability:

  • Cp and Cpk

    * Process Performance:

  • Pp and Ppk

  • Sigma Level

    * Process Capability for Nonnormal Data


  • One-Way ANOVA

  • One – Way (UnStacked)

8. Correlation and Regression

  • Scatterplot

  • Correlation

  • Simple Linear Regression


9. Measurement System Analysis:

  • Gage R&R Studies

  • Crossed Gage R&R Study;

  • Gage Run Chart

  • Gage Linearity and Bias Study

10. Design of Experiments

  • Create Factorial Design

11. Quality Tools

  • Cause & Effect / Fishbone Diagram

- Why should we use Cause & Effect Diagram?
- What does Cause & Effect Diagram do?
- How do I do the Cause & Effect Diagram using Minitab®?
- Tips to draw
- Analysis/Interpretation of the Minitab® results
- Classroom Exercise
(Each exercise will be taught using above five steps.)

  • Run Charts

  • Pareto Charts

12. Case study 1: Health Care Domain (Hospital/Medical Process)

13. Case study 2: Manufacturing Domain (Manufacturing/defective process)

14. Case study 3: Banking/BPO/Hospitality Domain (Transactional/Services)

15. Q&A

16. Minitab® based Exam (2-hours,  open book test)

17. Certificate Distribution

Course Fee:

   * Rs. 15,000 + 12.36% ST without Laptop. In this option, the participant has to bring his/her own Laptop pre-loaded
      with Minitab
® 15 Software.

   * Rs. 1,000 per day Extra for hired/rented Laptop provided by IIPM with trial version of Minitab
® Software 15 pre-loaded.

Note: No previous statistics knowledge needed.

Faculty Profile:

    • Certified Master Black Belt (MBB) in Lean Six Sigma, PMP
    • Has handled many Green Belt/Black Belt sessions and has guided more than 15 real time Lean Six Sigma projects in
       health care and manufacturing service domains.
    • 25 years cumulative professional experience in Domestic & International EPC/Turnkey Projects, Software projects,
      and in conducting Project Management Training programs.

Key Deliverables:

1. Case studies based Minitab
® course.
2. Excellent course material – one copy per participant.
3. Industry oriented Practical Tips - Traps that carry lots of practical use.
4. Data files CD.
5. Project Guidance
6. Six Sigma Yahoo group membership.
7. Access to an excellent library with Six Sigma / Minitab
®  International books.
8. Lunch and 2-Snacks/Refreshment breaks will be provided for both 2-days.
9. IIPM Laptop bag will be provided for each participant.
10. Certified Minitab
® Professional (CMP) - Certificate

For Details, Please write to marketing@iipmchennai.com

* Source Courtesy: The Hindu - Business Line

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