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Feedback of Participants

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Mr. Ari’s presentation skills were great. Was a highly interactive training program. Overall an excellent course.
                                                                               R. Christopher, IT Manager, Awal Gulf Manufacturing Co, Bahrain.
It was an interactive session. Faculty was able to engage well with the participants.
                                                    Shanmukha Priya Ammbashankar, Associate Project Manager, PreMedia Global.
This training has increased my confidence level and has helped me to gain in-depth PM knowledge. Good practical examples. Keep the hard effort growing and Good Luck to Mr. Ari & IIPM.
                                                    Mathew Nirmal Kumar, CSI Specialist, Petroface Facilities Management, Kuwait.
This training course gave me more than what I expected. The analyses and examples were well presented.
                                                       V R Narayanan Nair. Assistant Vice President, My Cordsolutions Pvt. Ltd LLC.
Excellent facilitation. Useful Tips and Traps. The best training program to improve our level of understanding. This session compelled me to think of another platform to reach IIPM again.
                                                                                                                             Sowmya Raghavan, Project Lead, IBM.
Excellent training. Thanks to IIPM for such a wonderful training experience.
                                                                                  G. Sreevidhya, Assistant Manager, Sutherland Global Services.
It was precise, concise as well as comprehensive. Great use of examples. Overall an excellent training course.
                                                                     Shanthi Mulayath, Learning Program Manager, HP India Sales Pvt Ltd.
Course coverage and faculty inputs were excellent. Great level of interaction and understanding.
                                      Babu Srinivasan, Sr. SAP Functional Consultant, DGN Technologies Inc., California, USA.
This course was an eye-opener for me. This has resulted in helping me identify, how a Project has to be compiled according to the Global Standards.
                                                                                        M. Devarajan, Team Leader, Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
A highly interactive training program which helped me to understand the concepts of PM in a better way.
                                                                                                     Sanjay Prabhaka Kulkarni, Manager, Geometric Ltd.
Excellent training by Mr. Ari. He is really a master.
                                                                                                    Sridhar vasudevan, SSE, MPHASIS, AN HP Company.
Very good course coverage, faculty inputs and presentation skills In general a good eye opener for professional and personal life.
                                                                    Sunadaram Saravanan, Associate Project Manager, SGT India Pvt Ltd.
Very good presentation skills. The level of interaction was excellent. Overall it was a good program.
                                                                                                                                A.G. Sunil Kumar, Team Leader, CSC.
Excellent level of interaction and understanding. Faculty inputs were great.
                 Neelamesham Balakrishnan, Planning & Costing Engineer, Jurong Engineering Limited, Singapore.
Masterpiece project management of the four days training program.
                                                                                                                   Herbert Roy, SME, Oracle Corp, Florida, USA.
Just one word. EXCELLENT.
                                                                                     Zaheer Ahmed, Systems Development Specialist, ACS India.
Excellent faculty inputs and presentation skills. This course improved my level of understanding the ‘Project Management Concepts’ to a great extent.
                                                                                            R. Sridhar, Project manager, Thirdwave Software Solution
Overall a very good and interesting session.
                                                                                                                    Nimal Q S, Associate of Projects, Cognizant.
It was a highly interactive session. Excellent Presentation skills displayed by Mr. Ari.
                                                      Karthikeyan Balasubramanian, Project Manager, Nuware Systems Private Ltd.
Excellent presentation skills and faculty inputs. Overall a very good course.
                                                                     Murali Krishnamurthy, Sr. Tech Associate, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Mumbai.
Very good level of interaction and understanding. Good coverage of course.
                                                                  L. Thiyagaraj, Quality Control Engineer, Speed step Software Solutions.
Very good coverage of course. Excellent faculty inputs and level of interaction.
                                                                    Sreedhar Dakshinamurthy, Regional Manager, APL Logistics (I) Pvt Ltd.
Overall an excellent training program. Great presentation skill by Mr. Ari.
                                                                              V. Veerabadhran, Manager, Solution Department, Anten Systems.
Excellent Presentation skills and faculty inputs by Mr. Ari overall a great training session.
                                                                                           R Harikrishnan, Team Lead, Geometric Software Solutions.
Excellent coverage of course. A  highly interactive training session which made us understand things better.
                                                                                                         Gurumurthi, Project Manager, TCS, Chennai, India.
Excellent faculty inputs and level of interaction. Improved our understanding of Project Management concepts to a large extent.
                                                       Binu C. K., DyDeputy Regional Manager, HCL Info systems Ltd, Chennai, India.
This course has given a confidence to us, to attend the exam and has also helped in mapping to a formal approach. It is a very structured and useful course. It is a must do course for upcoming Project Managers.
                                                                                Gayathri V, Project Lead, MPhasis Fin Solutions, Chennai, India.
It was a highly interactive session with excellent faculty inputs and presentation skills by MR. Ari. Facilities provided were good. Overall an excellent training experience.
                                                                     Anwar Parkar, Operations Manager, Wipro Technologies, Pune, India.
Ari was able to explain everything in detail and also correlate with examples. Overall an excellent training experience.
                                                                                                                                  V. Swaminathan, Project Lead, IBM.
Excellent faculty inputs and coverage of course. Was a highly interactive session..
                                                                                                 K. Madhu Ganesh, Project Manager, Sysarc Infomatix.
Excellent level of interaction and understanding. Overall a great training session.
                                                                             Mahalakshmi. C. M, Deputy Manager, Sutherland Global Services.
Very good interaction and the presentation was great. Thanks to Ari.
                                                      Ashok Venkatachalam, Project Leader, Tata Consultancy Services, Singapore.
Mr. Ari’s session was very interactive and strong on domain.
                                                                                                         S.Asokan, Project Director, AIG System solutions.
Level of interaction, course coverage and presentation skills were excellent. Ari was very friendly and encouraging.
                                                                                      Pooja Srinivasan, Technology Consultant, Hewellet Packard.
Mr. Ari is a gift / blessing in disguise for aspiring PMPs.
                                                                                                              Giridharan Rajamani, Project Manager, Virtusa.
Level of Interaction, faculty input and course coverage was very good. We have benefited from this session in the form of very good level of understanding of the subject matter. The way of conducting the seminar and presenting skills were excellent.
                                                                                        N.Senthil Nathan, Project Manager, Bristlecone India Pvt Ltd.
Excellent way of p resenting in an interactive way, which helped us understand things better. Excellent coverage of the course from the examination point of view.
                                                                                                       Sai Sridar Sivaprakasan, Sr. Software Engineer, CSC.
 Examples quoted were broad and widely encompassing in every domain that was quoted. The interactive way of conducting the program, made us understand things better. Mr. Ari is performing and exhibiting the standards required of  PMPs.
                                        Mary Jasmine Preetha, Senior Project Associate, CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

Gained  many basic knowledge, theoretically as well as using them practically.     
                                                              Viswanathan Saravanan, Lead Engineer, CITECH Information India Pvt Ltd.

Very beneficial. Enjoyed the classes and the lively interactions. Interesting comparisons made sitting through the class like a breeze.                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                    Madhu, Business Manager.

It was wonderful. The overall training was good. Training was very interactive. Definitely it will help in my future project executions.                                                       
                                                                                                                                  Vinay Kumar, Manager, TCS E-Serve.

Good. Through knowledge of the subject in hand. Hard to chisel a almost perfect structure. Very good and apt trainer for CAPM / PMP learning course.    
                                                                                         Ganesan Sitaram, Financial Analysit, Dhir & Dhir Associates
A person who puts everyone at ease to overcome the  fears of preparing for passing PMP.
                                                                                    Sumantra Chatterjee, Product Specialist, Ramco Systems Ltd.
Many live examples were given to relate to PMI concepts. Good energy level.
                                                                                                         Malarvili Thangavelu, Test Lead, Maveric Systems.
Nice to be here for attending the course. Learnt new methods and terminology in project management,
will definitely try to make use of it in my future.
                                          Raj Kumar Goel, Asst Project Manager, Solverminds Solutions & Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Excellent. Enjoyable Leader apart from a PMP trainer.
                                                                                       Aravind Kumar, Project Coordinator, The Zubair Corporation.
Very knowledgeable and had a good interpretation. No need to improve. Everything meeting its standard.

                                                                              D. Subramanian, Delivery manager, Sednaspace Infotech Pvt Ltd.
Excellent coverage of course and faculty inputs. Was a highly interactive session.
                                           R. Kamatchinathan, Senior Business Analyst, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd .
A highly interactive session which improved our understanding of the PMP concepts.
                                                                                                    Murugan Surulivelu, Consultant, Wipro Technologies.
Overall an excellent training program. Faculty inputs and presentation skills were great.
                                                                            M.R. Balamurugan Babu, Sr. Manager IT, Shevron Lubricants India.
Very good coverage of course and level of understanding.
                                                                          Manoj P.P, Sr. Project Manager, M.S. Suwaidi Ind. Services Co, KSA.
Very good level of interaction and faculty inputs.
                                                                                    S. Shivakumar, Commissioning Site Leader, Total E& P,France.

Usefulness to the participants in terms of need based development is excellent.
                                                                           Suchitra Shishir Umalkar, Sr.Planning Engineer, ETA Ascon, Dubai.
This course is very useful. Quality of presentation and performance of the trainer are excellent.
                                                                                                   Abdul Hameed, Project Engineer, ETA-PCS, Dubai.

Really we are impressed by the way you have taken the classes. The 4 days have gone just like that.  I conveyed to my friends to join PMP, which will help our own growth and our organization too. Once again my humble wishes to you.                            
                                                                                                                       Dhanabal, Manager-Civil, ETA-PPD. Dubai.

PMP  Batch:  20, 21, 22, 23rd June  2009 : Chennai

PMP  Batch:  9, 10, 11, 12th  May 2009 : Chennai

PMP Batch:  25, 26, 27, 28th April '09  &  2, 3rd May 2009 : Chennai

Very useful and will recommend this course. Contents of the course / training material is excellent.
                                                                                                                                               Shajitha Shahul, ETA, Dubai.
Usefulness to the participants in terms of need based development is excellent.
                                                                    Zafarullah Khan Naveed Ahmed, Project Engineer, ETA-Zenath, Dubai.
Very much cooperative, interesting and valuable tips provided by Mr.Ari. We will try to use these tips.
                                                        Balasubramanian, Operations Manager, Saudi Paramount Computer Systems.
Very good understanding with live examples.
                                                                 Ranjith Prabhu, Functional Manager, OLAM Information Services Pvt Ltd.
I am very happy to undergo this training.
                                                  Mallikarjuna Rao, Principal Engineer, Petrofac Engineering Services India Pvt Ltd.
Very satisfied to attend the course.
                                                                                                         Rajesh Goyal, Sr.Manager, Mundra Port & SEZ Ltd.
Glad to be in this training as it built up my confidence.
                                                                                         Nagarajan Narasimhan, Team Leader, Trane Design Center.
In the time available, this is the maximum one can do. Really good. Keep it up.
                                                                                               Rajendran, Functional Analyst, Thirdware Solutions Ltd.
The topics covered are very useful to my present job and has really added my knowledge for handling and planning  projects. “One of the best courses I have ever attended”.   
                                                             Mohamed Ismail, Planning Engineer,
Abudhabi Oil Refining Company, UAE. 
Very good level of interaction, faculty input and coverage of course.
                                                                         Anand Arul Dawson, Project Lead, Trimble Nav. Ltd, Chennai, India.
Excellent level of interaction and presentation skills by Mr. Ari. This training session improved our understanding of Project Management to a large extent.
                                                                           Rathinavelan, Program Manager, Inine Technologies, Chennai, India.
The faculty inputs and coverage of course were excellent. It was a highly interactive session which made us understand things better.
                                                                  Deepak K, Business Analyst, California Software Co. Ltd, Chennai, India.
Excellent level of interaction and faculty contributions. Mr. Ari’s way of presenting topics, helped us to understand things better.
                                                                                 Soundrapandyan, Infra Manager, Trade Links, Chennai, India.
Very good coverage of course and presentation skills by Mr. Ari. The level of interaction and understanding were excellent.
                                       Sowmya Sundar, Programmer Analyst, Tekessence Inc. (Bare Essentials Beauty), USA.
Excellent Presentation Skills and level of interaction. Faculty input and coverage of course was very good.
                                                                                                                                   Loganathan, Keane, Chennai, India.
The presentation of tips is very much registered in mind. Very good brain dumping ability.
                                                                                     Hameedulla Sheik, Group IT Support Analyst,  Woods Bagot.
Excellent, Very good instructor. I like his lectures and way of presentation. Excellent course coverage.
                                                                                                              Haris Joseph Nitish,  Development Lead,  ISOFT.
Excellent Ari sir. Thanks a lot. Excellent presentation skills and faculty inputs.
                                                                                                                                G.Rajkumar, Sr. Engineer,  Tata Elxsi.
Excellent .                                       Hariharan Janakiraman, Associate Project Manager, Go2Union.com LLC, USA.
Very good course coverage and excellent presentation skills.
                                                                                                                   Venkatesan, Project Leader,  L & T Infotech.
Good course coverage. Asking questions after completion helped in refreshing.
                                                                   K.Suresh Krishna, Sr.Software AnalystICM Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Very practical tips and easy to remember tech used. Examples used were very funny and relatable.
                                                                                              Sakesh Gupta, Project Manager,  Infosys Technologies.
The course was very good and would recommend to my friends. I never thought I could learn so much in 4 days. Initially I wasn't sure whether I could sit continuously from morning till evening in a classroom environment like old college days. But the class was so interactive never even felt my jetlag. Came a day before from USA.
                                                                                 Kavitha Achuthan, Senior QA Leader, Fidelity Investments, USA
Excellent. Depth of knowledge allows the entire sessions to be presented with ease and confidence. Wished all the other presenters were of the same calibre as that of Ari.
                                                      Baburaj Parakkal, Global IT Director, Chemoil Advanced Management Services.

You all be blessed by the divine power.
                                                                 Jayaprasath Navan,  Engineer - Planning,  MN Dastur & Company pvt.ltd.
Mr. Ari is doing a really good job. I am happy with his style, and excellent Presentation skills displayed by him.
                                                                Mohamed Usman Zaidi, Student, Crescent Engg College, Chennai, India.
Makes the session more interactive that makes the participants to understand the concept clearly.
                                                                                                                          Jeena Sebastian, Project Manager, EDS
Extremely talented and witty. A very good starting point for a long journey of PMP. Gave us something to get overall view.
                                                                                                Reddy Thummala, President & CEO, Sysgain, INC, USA.
Well organized and lot of effort had gone into preparation of course materials, with attention to way little aspect from exam part of view. Overall, my trip was worthful.
                                                              Sundararaman Subramanian, Project control Manager, Punj Lloyd Limited
Very useful well presented of co-ordinated towards PMP course preparation. Overall excellent.
                                                                            M.Somasundaram, Principal consultant, Tata consultancy Services
The course curriculum and presentation by the faculty members were tremendous. I have started the course with lots of questions and doubts but leaving confidently after four days of wonderfully crafted sessions. Awesome. I  have come down from California for this session. Tremendously satisfied.
                                                                                                                   Ramesh Govindan, IT-Manager, Mervyns, USA.
Ari is a combination GURU. Understood the process well and gained more knowledge than expected.
                                                                Philominal.G, Team Leader-Project management, Premediaglobal pvt ltd.

Good examples & tips make us relate the concepts to real life PM easily.  Very good & was attentive fully.
                                                                                         Chitra,  DGM,  SIFY Technologies.
Brisk, interactive, motivative. We could have more number of sessions which would improve our knowledge. Ari has motivated me to attain higher levels in my future endeavors. Hats of Ari. More than expected. Great thanks.
                                                                                                B. Vijayanand,  Project Engineer, WIPRO Technologies.
Overall course met my expectation. I was satisfied.
                                                                   Pushpa Jayapal, Senior Technology Engineer,
iWorks Corporation, USA.
Excellent Knowledge
                                                                                                                         G.Suraj Sundararajan, Team Leader , TCS .
Way of explaining with routine life examples make the doubts clear & understanding of concepts thoroughly. Have one more day in session  for case study reports preparing from it can enrich all Knowledge Areas. Very good in all aspects.
                                                                                                                  Rajit Shah,  Project Management consultant.
The way the course content was presented is good, highlighting the key points, tips and traps. Good and exam focused with some real time examples.
                                                                                      Santhosh,  Project Engineer,  Honeywell Building Solutions.

Course material is expansive but very clearly explained. Ari's knowledge and expertise was very helpful in understanding the concepts. Very helpful and educative sessions.
                                                                                 Archana Hariharan, Sr.Business Consultant, Merrill Corporation.
Helped me in taking PMP and good suggestion and guidance given to select the course. Nice atmosphere and keep it up.
                                                                        G.Venkatasubramanian, Lead Program Manager, Vishwak Solutions.
Sessions were interactive and triggers to appear for the exam at the earliest.
                                                                                                     Cangatharan Deepa, Senior Consultant,
Great to interact with Great minds.
                                                                                                               T.Saravana Kumar, Test Manager, Capegemini.

Organized way of training methodology with spectacular inputs to get a better understanding.
                                                                                     S.Swaminathan Subramanian, Project manager, Mphasis Ltd.
Good training from Mr. Ari. Would like to be a constant learner after PMP. Excellent presentation skills and excellent faculty inputs.
                                                                                                           S.Sivakumaran, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Excellent Faculty inputs and excellent level of understanding.  
                                                                                                                    Alwin Binuja, Thesys Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and very good course coverage.
                                                                                                                    R.Ramesh, Hexaware Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Good course and presented in a nice manner. We’ll recommend strongly this course to other companies/colleagues.                                
                                                                           T.Venkata Subramanian, Sr.Manager – Projects, VATech WABAG.

The program is framed in excellent way. The literature is just as required. Good learning.
Adwait Adbe, Chief Manager - Projects, VATech WABAG.
I feel that this program is practically enjoyable and easy to understand. Much useful program.
                                                         S. Sridharan , Manager- (Plant), VATech WABAG.
The program was really good.
G.Pattabi, Construction Manager, VATech WABAG.
Very good course coverage. Excellent level of interaction.
                                       Shankar Hariharan, DGM – Projects, VATech WABAG.
It can be implemented to get desirable outputs. Good.
C.S.Rao, Sr. Resident Engineer, VATech WABAG.
Excellent level of interaction and faculty’s input. Good program.
A.A. Venkateswaran, Sr. Manager (Operations), VATech WABAG.
Ari is an excellent trainer. His mode of communication is extremely good with lots of tips & tricks
 for the exam.                                                                                                    Jagjeet Singh. H, Consultant, TCS.
Excellent Course.
                                   M.Nitin Shenoy ,M.Tech (Const. Management)- IIT Madras L & T ECC Division.  
I appreciate the knowledge and input Mr.Ari gave.  Excellent     
Gokul Ramalingam, Service Information Enterprises, Caterpillar.
Excellent  -                                                                         Steenie Norman, AXA Non-Life Insurance Co.Ltd, USA.
Course material is very good.
                                              K.V.Srinivasa, Vice president, Planning & Engineer, PT Smart.Telecom, INDONESIA.

Excellent Course Coverage. Useful tips on all topics. Very good course Excellent Sessions. Gave very good confidence has increased getting PMP certified with high proficiency.
                                                    Rajasekar, Project lead, Sathyam Computer Service.
The course helps very good to improve my knowledge. Got new ideas in project management level.
Jobin Kuriakose, Planning Engineer, Oil & Gas.
Excellent. It drives us to attend more classes like this.
 Ravi Durairaj, Project Asst.Manager, India Comnet International.
Excellent                                                        Shylaja Krishnakurup, Sr Project Manager , Verizon Data Services.
Excellent                                                                Jeethender Kumar Jain, Planning Eng, Cimeo Pvt Ltd, Australia
Very good trainer. Very good exam tips and excellent knowledge.
Karthik B. Prasad
The course was conducted excellently with perfect understanding of the participants.
May God bless you and all the best.
                                                                    N. Nagarajan , Sr. Contract Engineer, Haya Water Co., Muscat, OMAN.
Excellent way of presentation with more practical oriented examples. It was so informative that it induces  me
to practice Project Management in all my activities. Good luck & best wishes,  Mr.Ari.
                                                              Venkatesan Narayanan, Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Polymers Ltd, UAE.
Completely satisfied and a "Value for Money" course.
                                                                               Palaniappa Babu.S. Technical manager, HCL Technologies Ltd
 A good trainer and thanks to Ari.
                                                                Karthy Raman, Sr.Technical leader-IT Management. Platinum Comp FLF
Excellent presentation skills and very good faculty inputs.
                                                                           Priya Mahalingam, Technical leader/Director, VaH Systems, USA.Great  training/course. Thanks to the faculty and the facilitators.
                                                                                                                                  Archana , Lead Consultant, Cap Gemini.
Able to articulate the concepts with real-life examples. Excellent level of interaction.
                                                                                                                                  Narayanan, Sr.Consultant, Cap Gemini.
Good people management and communication skills, which gave me hopes on the topics.Very impressive.
                                                                                                         O. Vijaya Kumar, Project Leader, Polaris software ltd.
The presentation was very good with easy to under stand real time examples. Good to attend his presentation.
                                                                                         Muthukrishnan Shunmugadurai, Lead Consultant, Cap Gemini.
Showed the actual way to effective management by imparting proper knowledge of terms, ways and mechanisms. Awareness to overall project management has improved significantly
                                                                                         Pigush Deshmukh, Project Manager,  ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE
Usefulness to the participants in terms of need based development is excellent. Excellent benefits to the company performance. Excellent course contents and training material. Meeting your expectations / Effect on improving your own skills is Excellent. Excellent quality of presentation and performance of the trainer.
Project Manager,  ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
Excellent program and explored new dimension in the management.
                                                                                                           Kameswaran. Sr.Engineer,  ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
Usefulness to the participants in terms of need based development is excellent. Excellent benefits to the company performance. Excellent course contents and training material. Meeting your expectations / Effect on improving your own skills is Excellent. Excellent quality of presentation and performance of the trainer.
Please arrange next level PMI certified programme.
                                                                                 Vineeth Kumar Singhal. Project Manager, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
For the holistic approach to the implementation of the tools and techniques to the project management.

                                                                                         Kannuri Saibaba.Sr.Project Manager, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
Very solid understanding, very experienced and in-depth answers.  Very satisfied. Great sessions, very informative and eye-openers.                               Arun Kumar Buduri, Program Manager, MICROSOFT Corporation.
Good explanation. Overall good.                      T. M. Richard, Asst.Manager-Engineering, PCH-Holdings-SRILANKA.
Excellent place to join, enjoy the course & pass the PMP. Very co-operative. Thank you very much.

                                                                                                                         Jhony Patrick, Ministry of National Economy.

Master in this work.                                                Hari Narayanan, Sr. Project Control Engineer, Galfar Engineering.
Very good course coverage. Ari’s approach is good.                             Hari Hara Sudhan. R, Project Manager, IBM.
Really useful and learned a lot in 4 day course.                   Suresh Raman, Siemens Building Technologies Pvt.Ltd
I would get the PMP certified, the hope percentage is 100.                    Jothi Ganesh Natarajan, CSS Corp Pvt.Ltd.
Nice and upto the mark. Good.
                                                   Salim Javith Mohammed, Project Engineer, Johnson Controls International, QATAR.
Excellent. Overall its very effective.          Shalaka Ganesh Petkar, Siebel Consultant, Right Path Soft Consultant.
Excellent faculty inputs, course coverage, level of interaction and level of understanding.
                                                                                                         G. Srinivasan, Asst.Manager-MIS, Sony India Pvt.Ltd.
Fantastic communication / presentation skills combined with in depth knowledge of the subject.
                                                                       B. Jayalakshmi Balasubramanian, Inspector, Central Excise & Customs.
Very fine. Able to convey the niceties.  
   S. Ravindren, Superintendent (Systems), Central Excise & Customs.
Course, course materials, personal tips all excellent. A taste of professionalism.
                                                             G. Guru Raghavendran, Superintendent (Systems) Central Excise & Customs.
Excellent. In depth understanding of the course and PMI Project Management methods.
                                                    Victor Chibuzor Ifemesia, Manager-Operations & Logistics, Softcom Ltd., NIGERIA.
Excellent coaching made it into a fun filled session. PERFECT SHOT!! Keep it up!!.
                                                                                                                Namo Venkatesh, Program Manager-Quality , HP.
I would like recommend to my friends/collegues who are in my network to attend the PMP courses in IIPM just because of IIPM’s professional approach and to experience with Mr. Arivazhagan.
                                                                        S. Singara Vadivel, IT Manager, Almailem Group of Companies, KUWAIT.
It was too good and I must say excellent. Overall a very fruitful and a lively sessions.
                                                                                S. Karthik, Project Manager, Lion bridge Technologies India Pvt.Ltd
The course was organized in a professional way and enjoyed the course rather learned.
                                                                           Ramesh Babu. P.S, Sr.Project Engineer, MB Petroleum Service, OMAN.
Very impressive and very knowledgeable.                                               Renuka Acharya, EMIRATES GROUP IT.
Excellent course coverage, presentation skills and level of interaction.  S. Saravanan, QA/QC-Manager, LANCO
All areas were covered on a exam point of view. Good.
                                                                                             Karthi Prabakaran, Jr. Project Manager, Fixity Technologies.
BEST INSTRUCTOR and best suited for the occasion. Keep it up. There is no option other than EXCELLENT which
I would like to give.                                                      Ganesh Krishnan Nandakumar, ABU DHABI POLYMERS CO. LTD
Excellent presenter and very knowledgeable, approachable and  has open attitude.
                                                                                                                            Henu Abichandani, Sr.Specialist, NOKIA IT.
He made PMP course and the exam look very simple. Kept everyone in the batch engaged & ensured that no one is getting bored at any point of time.                            Mohamed Irfan, Consultant, HP Globalsoft Ltd.
Training tenure was excellent and lots of “lessons learning” taken place.
                                                                                             Swapnil Srivastava, Executive Engineer, NPCIL, Mumbai.
Very interactive and gave lots of inputs out of the exam syllabus too. Overall it was really interactive to attend his lectures. Will attend more sessions, if I get a chance. 
                                                                                             Hariharan Vedamurthy, HCL Technologies.

One of the very few good faculty member I have come across. Very good at teaching and just the
PERFECT TUTOR for PMP. Simply excellent.                 Purushottam Sonthi, IT Manager, TCS.
Enjoyed the sessions and got or earned lots of inputs. Mohana Krishnan, Take United Sdl.Bhd.
I have got 100% satisfaction from the course. Handled the whole course very well. Excellent work.
                                                                                            Sangeetha Rao Chilambi, RAMCO Systems Ltd.
Well administered and conducted the training. Appreciate the level of commitment and professionalism on tips for exam preparation.                                                    Gowri Shankar, Manager-Projects, Covansys-CSC.
Good examples and tips. Ensures you don’t sleep and has your attention till the very end.
                                                                                            Jaisri Raman, ACCENTURE.
Excellent presentation, gave good motivation. Exam tips are very useful.
                                                                      Richard Dalvi Devadasan, Technical Manager, Aversan Systems Pvt.Ltd.
Good interactive and nice examples. Motivating skills.
                                                                                           Vairalingam Nagarajan, Manager (Development), CITI BANK.
Seeing the course content to be covered by single faculty, the stamina, method employed for coaching is commendable and is worthy of praising. Sessions conducted by Ari sir were excellent and worthy to attend. Also the methodology employed is very enjoyable.
                                       Sachin Madhukarrao Sawale, Executive Engineer, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
Good. It is really excellent to have such experienced faculty for these kind of courses. The students should be really lucky to have the wealth of information gathered from Mr. O.Arivazhagan, PMP.
                                                                                           Ganesh Kumar Saravanan, Delivery Manager, CCS.
Neat presentation, lively examples, covering all industries (not only IT). Very good. Good flavor of people taking different subjects. Well organized. Exam point of view-well prepared.
                                                                                            Kalyanasundaram Karpagavinayakam, First Data Corp.
Trainer was able to break down complex concepts into simple real life examples which resulted in easy understanding. Made the training very entertaining and helped to stay focused.
                                                                                             Nandini Chari, STATE STREET BANK. USA.
Information and tips for applying and attending the exam were very useful and builds confidence. Keep it up!
                                                                                             Padmapriya Balasubramanian, Techno soft Inc.
Excellent in all knowledge area.
                                               Musthak Ahmed Jalaludeen, Software Engineer, Bin Aweidha Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Key staff members of our organization should undergo this course which will be certainly useful for our organization to execute the project more effectively.
                                                             Vinayak Manohar Malavade, Project Manager, ETA ASCON, ABUDHABI, UAE.
It’s a perfect course for PMs and the down stream and up stream need to be developed as associates and senior professionals to also have similar thoughts for easy implementation. “This course will break the barricade between all age Project Managers”. 
                                                             K.S. Azeez Ahamed Meeran, Project Manager, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.

Suggest our company to implement PMP at senior management level, so that implementing by the project managers onto the project will be without any hindrance and more support will be given.
                                                             Nasser Hussain, Manager-Construction, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
                   Navin Ahuja, Manager (Hospitality & ID), ETA Star Properties, UAE.

A very good programme for value addition.          Gopal K. Prabhu, Project Manager, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.

We suggest to our company to provide such management training courses more frequently for all managerial level staff. This will help personally as well as for organization.
                                                                                        Jakir Hussain, Manager-Projects, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.

Excellent course contents and training material. Quality of presentation and Performance of the trainer was excellent.                                                                      C.S.Sondhi, Manager-Construction, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
Real good course and presented very well by the trainer Mr. Ari.
                                                                         K.N. Harish, Sr.Project Co-ordinator, ETA Star Properties, DUBAI, UAE.
Course material is effectively communicated.     M. Balakrishna, Manager-Planning, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
It was an excellent training.                      Jayaram Raghu, Sr.Planning Engineer, ETA ASCON, DUBAI, UAE.
The course was really informative, especially the tips and points covered. It should be very effective for us.
                                                                                       Jagadeesh Venkateswaran, Dy.Manager, Zip Industries Ltd.
Excellent level of interaction, level of understanding and faculty inputs.
                                                      Ganarajan Govindarajan, Project Manager, Children Welfare Foundation, NGO.
Lively and I enjoyed all the session. The best one. Brenden. P, Engineer, NTPC Ltd.
Excellent presentation skills and very good level of interaction.   
                                                                                       Maxime Polesello, Poclain Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd.
The course was really good.                                    Srinivasan, Project Manager, Ericsson.
Excellent presentation. Thanks and appreciate it. I will recommend to others.
                                                                                       Ravindran Govindarajan, Project Manager, Fed EX.
I enjoyed attending his class. He explained the concepts in a simpler way and gave us many tips/tricks to remember all the essential concepts. An excellent tutor.  N. Subha, Director, WAFY Technologies.
A very good training provided by Ari. We got the overall PMBOK® Guide knowledge with lots of examples.
 S. Balasubramanian, Project Manager, WIPRO Technologies, Chennai.
Mr. Arivazhagan has organized and framed his lectures in a simple / understandable way. I never forget this presentation and experience. It is very nice.     Ganesan Natarajan, HTC Global Services, Chennai.
Excellent. Looking forward to attending management related other courses.
                                                                                      S. Venkata Raman, Sr.Consultant, IGATE Global Solutions Ltd.
Good, Keep it up!!
   Joshua Dayavaran, Project Management, Integra Software Services Pvt.Ltd, Chennai.
Program is very useful to enhance our knowledge in various areas. Level of satisfaction is high.
                                    Jayachandran Venkatesan, Sr.Manager - ESP, Sundaram Infotech Solutions Ltd, Chennai.
Excellent presentation skills, course coverage, level of interaction, level of understanding and faculty inputs. (30/30).                                                 G. Hemapriya Chandarsekaran, Technical consultant, Bahwan Cyber Tech.
Excellent level of interaction and level of understanding.   Sridevi Priya, VERIZON.
Experience and his way of approach is outstanding. Found to be a valuable course and it had given me a complete understanding on PMBOK.                      R. Elamurian, Service Delivery-Manager, HCL Technologies.
Great domain knowledge. I feel confident on all KA’s covered by Mr. Ari.
                                                                                     Kumar Sourabh, Deputy Manager, SUTHERLAND Global Services.
Excellent level of understanding and level of interaction.
                                                                                       K. Srikanth, SAP Consultant, ACS Systech Integrators Ltd.
PMP course is very informative and useful to participant and to company. Quality of trainer is good.
                                                                                       Abdul Azeez, Project Engineer, ETA Ascon.
A very useful and knowledgeable training program for time, cost, quality and communication management for the projects in general and for the projects which we are handling in our division.
                                                                            Chandrakant Ambadekar, Manager-Composite Products, ETA Ascon.
Excellent overall opinion about the facilitator (5/5). Very good quality of presentation (4/5) and contents of the course/training material (4/5).            Suresh Babu Rajannah, Project Manager, COVANSYS (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Can be recommended for all incharges (Engineering/Dept.Head) and upwards in MEP department.
                                                                                       Abdul Bahavan Mohamed Asif, Sr.Project Manager, ETA Ascon.
I suggest all project managers in our company to attend. Mathew.N.George, Project Engineer, ETA Ascon.
Ari is doing an excellent job of making us learn and unlearn a lot. Course coverage and presentations are excellent. On the overall, the purpose of the course is well served.
                                                                                       Sundar Kutte Ramakoti, Manager, Systech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
An amazing preface to project management concepts and delivery.
                                                                                       Kamini Rajendran, COGNIZANT Technology Solutions.
Well organized and presented. Well done. Gung Ho!!
                                                                       Velayutham, Manager, Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG, OMAN.
Overall, a positive experience.                               Kannan Srinivasan, Director, CSS.
Very good in managing the presentations and answered all questions unbiased and citing excellent examples.                                                                   R. Balaji Ragupathy, COVANSYS.
Really Excellent.                                                        N. Ramani Nagarajan, SATYAM Computer Services Ltd.
Excellent and more interactive.                             Arvind Sathyanarayanan, DGM, AIRTEL.
Very good teaching methodology. Excellent presentation skill. A must session for all PMP aspirant.
                                                                                      S. Karthikeyan, Project Manager, WIPRO Technologies.
The classes are excellent with interesting and lively examples, we never felt boring.
                                                                                     A.S. Remigius Arul, Senior Project Manager, USA Web Solutions.
Very good tips, course coverage, team participation and time management.
                                                      Shrirang Harihar Chitale, Sr.Manager-Applications Engineering, KLA-Tencor Corp.
Thanks, Ari. I could relate a lot to my work and feel extremely confident. Your examples while explaining the concepts really helped. Thanks a lot for this wonderful course.
                                                                  Prabhakaran Balamurali, Director & CEO, Innowize Technologies Pvt Ltd.
It has been excellent throughout the course and I whole heartedly thank Ari for his dedicated training.
                                                                                         Rajesh Kumar, Asst. Manager, Slash Support.
Stands by the saying “First impression is the best impression”. Enjoyed & experienced about PMP exam and general management information.                           A. Muralikrishnan, Manager-Systems, Furiontec Software.
One of the best COMMUNICATORS.                           Bharatkumar Gadara, PWP Consulting, UK.
Thanks for the excellent stuff that you shared with us for the PMP certification. It was indeed a much needed break from the conventional systems that we have in India and now I understand the idea behind such unrealistic and unprofessional behavior shown by some people in India. The training has opened my eyes and has helped me in focusing on management related activities much better.
                                                                                        Vadhiraj Gopala Krishna Rao, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
Thank you, Sir!! A great job. Excellent course coverage and level of interaction.
                                                                                        Franklin William, Manager-Technical Support, CA.
Extremely helpful. Ravin Raj, Associate Operations Account Manager, RR Donnelley.
Overall I found it very interactive, useful, and informative.
                                                                                 Vallinayagam Chidambaram, Project Manager, IBM India Pvt.Ltd.
Excellent faculty inputs and level of understanding. 
                                                                                        Vinitha Mary Benedictus, Project Manager, Mascon Global.
Really inspiring presenter. Meticulous in his presentation and provides additional information when asked. His vivid experience on PMBOK is displayed on the tips and traps that he provides in each and every process area. Kudos to Ari. I really enjoyed this training and learnt a lot of PMP/Project management techniques with some real life experiences shared by Ari.           N. Vijay Anand, Asst. Manager-Projects, Servion Global Solutions Ltd.
I have learnt a lot. Apart from my PMP exam, the tips and overall understanding will be helpful to my future endeavors in practical life.                                        Mohan Ramanathan, CITI Technology Services.
Very thorough job by the Trainer. Very good real life examples. Good course material. Excellent faculty inputs and course coverage.                                    Ramaa Balasubramanian, Computer Sciences Corp. ILLINOIS, USA.
Excellent presentation and interaction. I would be following the same style of explanation. Excellent course.
I would represent to many friends and colleagues.  Nazeer, VALUE SOURCE.
Excellent course coverage and level of understanding.  Lionel John Karunakaran, RAMCO Systems Ltd.
Excellent. I would like to attend training programs conducted by Ari in the future.
                                                                                        Narasimha Raghavan, Manager, Standard Chartered Bank.
High Grade and High Quality.                                    Rajasekaran Rajan, ACCENTURE, Bangalore.

More Feedback...                                                                                                                              (April '09 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch:  25, 26, 27, 28th April '09  &  2, 3rd May 2009 : Chennai

More Feedback...                                                                                                                           (Feb '08 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch:  29, 30, 31 March, 1st April 2009 : Chennai

Very Good -G Krishna Kumar, System Analyst,  Polaris Software Lab Ltd.

Very Good -Anandakrishnan,  Consultant,  Sofgen India Pvt Ltd.

Some more improvisation would be good- C.Dorairaj,  Sr.consultant,  SG Consultant.

Excellent-  G. Suresh Kumar,  Project control engineer,  Fluor Mid East Ltd.

Enjoyed this course distribution. Kept it very interesting
                        Subha Dorairaj, Project Manager, Independent Consultant-Siddhai Technologies Inc.

Excellent-S. Senthil kumar,  Project Engineer,  Qatar Steel Company, QATAR.

 Excellent - Sankar ganesh,  TCS.

Very Good - Mushtaq Ahammed,  Mechanical Engineer, CCC.

More Feedback...                                                                                                                           (Feb '08 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch:  21, 22, 23, 24th Feb & 28 Feb, 1st March 2009 : Chennai

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
                                                                                Selvam, Project Leader  Lionbridge Technologies.

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
                                                                                                        Shibu.S.V, Planning Engineer, BCEC.

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
                                                   Ramesh Babu Dhurvas Viswanathan, Technical Principal, FedEx.

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
            Hariharasubramanian, Head—Finance, Current Risk Management Consultants (P) Ltd.

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
                                                               Periyanayaki Balakrishnan, SAP Consultant, IBM India Ltd.

Excellent presentation skill, excellent faculty inputs and Very good course coverage.
                                                     K.Ramesh Babu, Manager-IT, Perlos Telecommunication.

More Feedback...                                                                                                                           (Dec '08 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch:  24, 25, 31st Jan & 1st Feb 2009 : Chennai

Excellent course coverage and excellent presentation skill.
                                                                                                                                                               Hari, Ramco System.

Very Good course coverage and excellent presentation skills.
                                                                                                                K.Subramanian, Sauter Race Technologies Pvt.Ltd
More Feedback...                                                                                                                           (Dec '08 PMP Batch)

PMP Corporate Batch:  06, 07th Nov , 08, 09th Dec , 08, 09th Jan  2009 : Chennai

It can be provided to our other colleagues also. Excellent.
                          P.S.Sankaravel, Resident Engineer – Plant
Very good. Can be extended for other individual person in company. Very useful.
                         I. Roy Theophilus
                         P.S.S. Murugan, Resident Engineer
Overall very good course coverage. Faculty’s input was good.
                         K.Rajamohan, Sr. Manager
Excellent course coverage. Very good presentation skills. Level of understanding is good.
                         S. Jagan Mohan kumar, Sr. Resident Engineer
Very good presentation skills and faculty inputs. Level of interaction was excellent.
Faculty’s input was very good. Level of interaction was also good.
Very nice and in depth. In fact it was like a revisit to our college days. It was a good brain storming session.
                         C.R.Pradeep, DGM – Projects
Very good presentation skill and level of understanding.
                        T.K. Sen, Manager – Projects  Co-ordination

More Feedback...                                                                                                                           (Dec '08 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch:  03, 04, 05, 06th January  2009 : Chennai

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