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Feedback of Participants                       

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PMP Batch: August 6, 7, 8, 9 2005: Chennai

Mr. Ari's presentation skills with examples has made us understand the practical way of learning and preparing for PMP Exam.                               Jayapratap.K, Project Leader, Effexoft Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Ari - An excellent trainer. Should conduct some classes in North India.
                                                                                   Akshay Gupta, Program Manager, HCL COMNET LTD.,
Able to present many scenarios with examples and break the myth. Would surely suggest another PM to join IIPM.                                                                                 Thirulog, PM, Servion Global Solutions.
Overall a very excellent trainer and training.  Roni Mathew, Systems Engineer, Diwan Amiri, Qatar.
The course is good, Mr. Ari is able to synergies together all of them in the class.
                                                                              Venkata Subramaniam, Project administrator, CMA CGM.
It was overall an excellent session, very good towards the PMP certification. After this course my confidence level of taking PMP exam is really very high.
                                                               Renganathan, Project Manager, Honeywell technology Solutions.
Mr. Ari is a very good guide, mentor, teacher, motivator. PMP which was looking to me as Mount Everest before coming here, seemed like "Delhi is not far away" now in literal sense. Fantastic easy approach.                                                                     Rajesh Kumar Goyal, Manager, WeP Peripherals Ltd.

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                                                                                                          (August 05 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch: July 23, 24, 25, 26 2005: Chennai

Super Excellent.                                      M .Venu Gopal, Project Manager, Calsoft (California Softwares)
Very good program with very good examples. After a long time attend an interactive program.  
     Manish Khanna, WS Atkins & Partners Overseas Sharjah, UAE.
Excellent Presentation skills. Very good course coverage & level of understanding.  
 Hariharan Sriram, Almooayyed Airconditioning.
Excellent course coverage & level of understanding.  
          P. Pyan Chella Vadivoo, Director, Mani India Tech Pvt Ltd.
Perfect Master Presentation. Rajat Ojha, CTO - RNASoft.
Very good presentation skills. Uses lot of anology which makes the class interesting and participative also. Good at Time Management too was very good at drawing the crowds attention.                                                                                            Geetha, Operations Manager, Reliance.
Structured analysis  and interpretation, reinforcing what we have learnt, convincing explanations and demonstrated wide area of knowledge. Excellent course with two-fold benefits confidence to appear for the exam as well as practical tips which could be used in our professional career. Much more than expected!                                                                          Yasmin Razack, Emirates Airline, UAE.
I will recommend this course to all the aspiring friends and contacts.
                     Zuraiq, Project Leader, National Bank of Fujairah.
As a whole, it was a nice training program which will definitely help me in my Project Management assignments.                                                                                            
      Arindam Paul, Ramco Systems Ltd.
It was excellent course, we didn't feel even one minute boring even though it was a theory subject. Excellent and please continue. 
                                                                       M. Sivasamy, Logicacmg, Dubai.

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                                                                                                         (July 2005 PMP Batch)

PMP Batch: July 2, 3, 4, 5 & 9, 10 2005: Chennai

It's my pleasure to inform you that I have Passed the exam Yesterday (19/07/05). You are a great inspiration for this achievement. IIPM course was really helpful, the tips, sharing of your vast experience, making use of passed out PMPs to share their experience all helped. Thanks a lot.  
                          Gunasundaram, Project Manager, SGS Technologies Pvt Ltd .
On 18-July -2005 I passed exam with 77.5%. Sincere thanks for your support, guidance and direction in imparting knowledge Project Management in PMI perspective, guide lines in preparation for PMP exam and providing a extensive materials (in CD's and books).
            Mahesh Chikoti, Associate, Covansys.
Class has really helped me to understand better PM concepts and examples given. Tips given by Ari have boosted my confidence level well to take up PMP Exam. Thanks to Ari.
         Naga Rajeswara Rao, Project Leader, Patni Computers.
Mr. Ari gave some very good examples from real life situation, made the class very interesting. Very enjoyable and useful.                                        V. Satish Kumar, Sales Director, Chagepond Technologies Ltd.
This course was very good and really an eye-opener for Project Management. Will recommend to anyone, who would like to take PMP exam.           Kalyanaraman, Consultant, Corbus Europe Ltd, UK.
Examples given were very good. The sessions were very lively. I gain confidence to pass PMP,
thanks to Ari.
                                                                                 Dibyendu Mani, Project Leader, VERIZON.
Very good course coverage & level of understanding.                 N.V Sairam, Project Coordinator, Trianz.

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                                                                                        (June 2005 PMP Batch)  

PMP Batch: June 18, 19, 20, 21 & 25, 26 2005: Chennai

Too good and I have learned a lot personally and professionally also other than PMP.
                                                                                                                             Santhosh Jayakumar, Birla Soft.
Extempore. Beyond to my  expectations. All these days I was in a confidence that I'm a good tutor or orator, but learnt a lot from "Mr. ARI".                              Ravi Shankar Panchagnula, Associate, Covansys.
Excellent course coverage and level of interaction.             Faisal Shindi, Gulf Advanced Solution, Dubai.
Very professional service. Very good course coverage & level of understanding.
 Sridhar Bhaskaran, Project Manager, Non Verba Information Solutions Pvt Ltd.
I am happy to inform you all that I have (also!!) cleared PMP on 27th July with 83.48%. This really would not have been possible without IIPM and especially Mr .Ari. I am one of the two privileged person in our group who had to undergo the application verification process!                                                      Gopinath Sankaran.
I have passed the PMP exam today (23/06/05) and my results are here Initiating (94%), Planning (85%), Executing (83%), Controlling (71%), Closing (79%), Professional Responsibility (62%). I would like to thank you and the course that I took in your institute that has really helped including TIPS. Though I have 20+ years of experience - I would say that experience alone will not help. We need to put in our hard work in understanding the PMBOK.                           
                                                                 Arasu ST, PMP,
Senior Manager - Bids & Proposals, ABB , Malaysia.

More Feedback...

PMP Batch: June 4, 5, 6, 7 2005: Chennai

It's a good training program. We benefited a lot. Very good course coverage and excellent level of interaction.                                                                            D. Lakshmi Varagan,  Project Manager, Calsoft.
With profound thanks I wish to communicate that I have cleared my PMP certification examination on 16th June 2005. I wish to thank team IIPM Chennai for all the assistance rendered to me in my endeavor.                                                                         Ramesh Alwan, PMP, IT Leader, IBM BTO, Bangalore.
It was a great experience to attend the course. Interactions with team were very good. It is very useful for anyone to grow in project management as a professional. Thanks to IIPM, for providing such a great session.
                                                             Ramesh Kantli, Project Leader, Brila Soft Ltd.
Very good course coverage. Excellent level of interaction.           
  Shylender Ramamurthy, INFOSYS.

                                                                                                       (June 2005 PMP Batch)

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